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All of my friends are hot
Allison H. is the most beautiful woman on earth, she's a real head turner.
Allison Helmuth is a Hottie@!
Ainsley Morse is a hot milf-to-be
Anonymous Hots is Hot!
Allen Helm is not a sod-house cabin in nebraska blanketed in drifting snow. No. in fact he is the opposite: hot.
Are is the hottest girl I know! (heart emoticon)
Anonymous Stranger I saw on the bus today: you are really hot! I couldn't keep from looking at you out the corners of my eyes
Alex, I can't find the words to tell you how I really feel so I am trying Anonymous Hots. You are my everything. If you feel the same,
Amy Dale is a smart, sexy queen of a human


Brittney Rigterink #1 babe
Bela Shayevich is so hot!!!
Beth Kosson is Causin' my head to explode -- she's so hot!
Bela Shayevich is a total lorica
I want to be friends with Bela Shayevich but I think she might be out of my fleague
Bela Shayevich is a lorca>
I lost both my arms in a wrestling match to fight and win myself a brown eyed handsome man. --Anonymous
buddy s. is like buddy the elf which makes me love him
bridget bancroft is hot smart and cool
bridget: hot smart and crazy
Bobby Gervais has an easy going nature that arouses me to no end
blair bogin
blair is so fair, she's got great hair, no one can compare, fair blair
Babe I saw at farmers pride and shared a lifetime with in one fleeting moment, you're hot!


Cassandra reminds me of Katniss Everdeen! -Anonymous
Christ kraus
Chris Kraus has gravity and grace.
Carlos, is it hot in florida?
cutie manning the bike valet at the logan square farmer's market, i was watching you read.
Colleen Halley, Aphrodite of the bayou, take me on your pontoon -- waters rushing, herons circling, temples pounding. Every time I look around (every time i look around)


David Sherman is so hot!
Douglas Fairbanks was so hot!

Douglas Fairbanks was smoking hot!
Douglas Fairbanks WAS hot

doug you're hot



Ed Snowden is my hot celebrity crush.
Ed Snowden is my hot celebrity crush.
Ed Snowden is my hot celebrity crush.
Elaine Stolpe: objectively hot.
Ellyn Diko is a hot little spankopita
Eleanor, your style is remarkably hot and unique
Every single woman at the logan sqaure farmers market, you're all beautiful.
Erica, when I think of you, my cuticles start to sweat, my knees lock, i want you to unlock them via psychotherapy



Peter Fend is totally hot!
Flake inert
Oh Fumo...
Fumo Stromboli has a tight intermolecular grip on our hearts - Anonymous House
Fumo Stromboli, why won't you hold me?


Humberto tops the sweltering hotness of a summer night in Tuscaloosa -- motionless cypress trees, baying coonhounds, trilling crickets, squeaking porches, and all!
Hiromi U. slays me until I am her slave...mentally
Oh "happy alone" queer in the twin cities who I saw on Instagram your fashions are so hawt they gave me a sunburn
Holly Poer


"It" is getting very hot. in here. So remove all articles of clothing
Ian Fullerton is totallye hot!!!!!!!

Ian F. I'm sorry I don't tell you every day how hot you are, I can't because we don't live together anymore. -Anon
Ian Bertoosexy
Ian Burgerdeli



Josh Wehrheim Gegel is Hot!
jeff Eckles is damn fine. dammmmmmn
Jennifer Stahahahahdler
Jeff Jablonski and his dumb dog
My high school fantasy was for Jason Hoffman to not think I was an idiot. -- Anonymous
Jorge Antonio Campos Tellez, are you back from Ciudad Juarez? llamame!
Justin Blackwood and his wife and their future babies, hot family -- hotter than a parking lot embankment in mussel shoals ;)
jon carr gives me a wee boneski
jonathan carr is a darling man



Katie Williams
Katie and Molly when I thought they were a couple. HOT.
Katie Williams
Katie Williams
Katie Williams
Katie, built like a brick shithouse
Katie M. plays the fiddle like it's on fire, until it's on fire
Katie Iberle, hot enough to make a llama burst into flames
KRISSIE!!! You hot potato, Krissie Wells is so hot
Everyone loves Krissie because she's a little hot toddy
Kelly No-Last-Name: Girl, I want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees.
Kathleen is the sunlight bathing me in warmth when I wake up in the morning
Kathleen is a natural naturalist. Easy on the eyes too.
Kathleen, you are my rock, and my fortress, my strength in whom I trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Happy 30th to my rock, my fortress, my stronghold; my shield in whom I take refuge; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Lady Kathington, duchess of northfield


Lee I think you are hot! This is not Kathy
Lee I think you are hot!
Lee's sister is Hawt -- Woaw
Liz McCarthy is hot -- hotter than an attic bedroom shared with six sisters in a summer T-storm.



Mary Schons is as hot as the starship enterprise in that episode where it got really hot. Mel B. is so hot!
Max Wirt is pretty gosh damn sexy
Max Wirt is even hotter now that he lives somewhere else
Max Wirt is welcome to sit on my lap at any point
Melissa Barrett is a great poet which makes me love her!
Matt Blake is hot!
Matt T. looks like Paul Rudd
Matt T is in my dreams every night because he is so incredible and dreamy
Matt is cool and smarrt
Molly Medhurst is actually hot
Moises Medina is the hottest of all God's creations
Moy is someone I'd love to get to know. More.
Moises Medina is so hot!!!!
Martial the Roman poet is so hot, his poems are scandalous and he knows his poems are better and hotter than those of his peers. He makes fun of his fellow statesmen and its such a turn on.
marc is hot i think. -m.f.
marc you're hot
Marc is way hotter than douglas fairbanks ever was

Michael Gorka
Michael Swierz is a radiant sunbeam



The painting in our avatar and "page not found" page is by Nicole eisenman. Sorry we didn't ask permission you are so amazing and talented.
Nadia Berenstein is a Sexy Genius do not dissect her brain if she dies - it is too hot

Nat is a hot bat
Nikki J.
Nikki J.'s Mom from Texas, the texas hotness has steeped into both of you


Old man winter


Paul Nelson cannot be bested in hotness! His attractive fires burn hotter than a boiling canoli!
the president
just to clarify NOT the current president, the other one
Paul the hot nurse, thanks for telling me I don't have lung cancer. You're hot.
Paul Durica is the bee's knees!
Paul Durica as Gurdon Hubbard could make even Gurdon Hubbard seem hot. Timeless hotness
Pete's pole dancing



Queen cover band



Latin superstar Ricky Martin has an average internal temperature of 99.3 degrees. Empirical evidence suggests that he is hot.
I have a crush on Professor Reed because his Harry Potter glasses are so hottttttt
Ruchi is hot, like a propane stove running inside of a doghouse that's nailed shut
ronnie ellwood



Sherman Alexie, Native American author and poet, I know a secret about you. The secret is that you're hot.
You know who's hot? Sean Hughes. He makes a motherfucker say goddamn.
sally lawton is a sweet cup of tea
Sam Koenigsberg
Sean Hughes has a pretty mouth
Stephen Ptacek, looking at you is like trying to lay nude on the bare sand of a sun-drenched beach in Michigan City



Tom who lives in Portland, how are you?
Tom S is so hot. His hotness makes me quiver like a dangling icicle on a shaking el track.
U made me drool


This one is for Virgil the poet. Virgil, you are so hot.
"Man and beast, each and every race of earth, creatures of the sea, domesticated animals, and birds in all their finery, all of them rush headlong into its raging fury: love's the same for one and all." Virgil was hot
Virgil was hot, let us too surrender to Virgil.
Virgil is a hot shadowy figure


I love my wife
I still love my wife
Will Baxter
Wendy Lynn
William Harlan, hotter than a neon pink speedo full of crabs on hell's half mile.


I think you are drawing these lines a little boldly. I also think you are so hot.
You are hot
You are so hot baby
I love you you are so hot