Think someone is hot? Not sure you're ready to tell them? Try it here! It's totally anonymous :)
    Tell me who you think is hot and I will put it up on the website as long as it seems sincere please note - it may take up to 194 hours for the page to reload . - Webmaster

    Read all the people who someone has the hots for! Could it be you?

    Want to get in touch?
    1) Create anonymous email alias, or
    2) Create anonymous twitter alias,
    3) Email or tweet @anonymoushots
    4) Delete record of email and/or tweet
    5) Destroy alias accounts
    6) If you are not very concerned with total anonymity then you can DM, tweet, or email from your TRUE NAME
    7) and I will still treat your anonymity with respect.
    If you're looking for the organization ANONYMOUS please go to this link:Anonymous"

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